Tribute Blanket are like a hug that your clients will appreciate.  Funeral Blankets have always been a part of the grieving process, originally in the taking the  form of a quilt. The soft comforting nature of a Tribute Blanket helps to ease us through the pain.  Many quilters still make funeral blankets  today although few […]


Sales Ideas – Funeral Tribute Blankets

Make the blanket a surprise.  Your families will appreciate the impact of the blanket and think of you and your gesture for many years to come. Hang the blanket next to the casket or behind the urn during the memorial. Make a ceremony around presenting the blanket to your family after the service.  Treat it like an […]

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Funeral Director’s Comments

Gregg Underwood Funeral Director with over 22 years experience You can bet I’ve seen all sorts of complicated programs that funeral homes go to, trying to generate new business or to ensure repeat business. I’ll be honest and say I’ve tried a few, but without much success. I started with Funeral Home Gifts just over […]

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Family Member Comments

When we walked into the room and saw the funeral blanket for the first time we didn’t know what to say.  We touched the blanket and then my wife wrapped it around herself and said her mother is still with her.  We keep the tribute blanket on the couch in the living room, it is […]